The Pill Warm-Up Set
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The Pill Warm-Up Set

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Marius utilizes The Pill Training Ball in his private putting studio. The Pill gives you immediate feedback by exaggeratings flaws for quick detection and correction. Marius recommends The Pill to help you become a more consistent golfer. Warm-Up Set includes three Pills and small red carry bag.

Think of a tire. If you don't roll it straight, it wobbles around or falls flat. The Pill inventors applied the same physics to a golf ball to create a training tool with major feedback.

  • Forces you to hit square and center on clubface
  • Inaccuracies send it wobbling, rolling at a curve or falling on its side
  • Cambered sides for precision, performance and added training capabilities
  • Two piece molded design distributes weight evenly for an honest roll
  • Even weight distribution means it can't self correct
  • Feel and performance of a Tour quality golf ball
  • Same material used in the majority of golf balls across the industry
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