Putting Sticks
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Putting Sticks

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Sticking to the basics is the foundation of playing consistent golf. Find the ball position, alignment and posture that works for you. The Putting Sticks will help you achieve just that. Practice every time with the same ball position, posture and alignment and you will become more consistent. Ships with sleeve for easy storage and portability. Patent Pending. Made in the USA


How to use the Putting Sticks:

  1. Flare open The Putting Sticks so that the legs form a 90 degree angle. The leg with 5 big holes should be vertical. The Marius Golf logo should be on the horizontal leg. Right handed golfers should have the logo on their right. The opposite for left handed golfers which will see the logo upside down.
  2. Anchor the Putting Sticks on the green with tees in the small holes on both legs


Get into the Proper Posture:

  1. Stand with your heels, rear end, shoulder blades and head touching an imaginary wall
  2. Grip your putter while maintaining the same posture
  3. Raise your putter out in front of you until it’s parallel to the ground. Your elbows should be tucked against your torso, like you would carry a watermelon. Make sure the putter shaft and forearms are parallel to the ground
  4. Bend from your hips, keeping your back straight, until the putter is soled on the ground. Voilá! the perfect neutral posture


Find the Best Ball Position for you:

  1. With this posture, move into the Putting Sticks. The vertical leg, with the five big holes, should be between your feet. Place your feet against the horizontal leg 
  2. Make sure you still have the proper posture
  3. Drop a ball from your left eyebrow for right handed golfers
  4. Note the hole location in which the ball dropped. If the ball did not hit any of the holes, move your feet and drop it again, until the ball drops in one of the holes.
  5. Very important: Make sure you have (a) maintained the posture established above AND (b) your weight is equally distributed. That means equal weight on both feet and weight equally distributed heel to toe. The weight should be in the middle of both feet, front to back and side to side.
  6. Repeat this step until you feel comfortable and confident that you have the correct hole position.
  7. Mark the position of your feet (toes) and the hole for your ball position.
  8. Practice your putting with this hole and foot position and you will become more consistent. 


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