Automatic Putting DVD
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Automatic Putting DVD

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World renowned putting instructor Marius Filmalter unveils to the public his scientific findings based on more than 20+ years of putting research. Unlike other putting DVDs and books that are based on unsupported theory, Automatic Putting is based on the results of Marius' bio-mechanical studies of more than 65,000 putting strokes from some of the world's finest putters. 

Through Marius’ research, he has concluded that there are 10 characteristics that are universally used by all of the world‘s finest putters. In Disc One, Marius discusses each of the 10 Characteristics of a Great Putter as well as providing drills to help you implement them into your game.

Disc Two, appropriately called "Everything Else To Become an Automatic Putter" includes a discussion on the myths of putting, explaining directional vs. distance control as well as the finer points of selecting the correct putter to use. Disc Three offers a putting collaboration between Marius and Brad Faxon.

Three DVD set, 79 minute run time

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